Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Punishment Part 2 by Troy King

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

As I said in my review of the first installment, it's so wonderfully refreshing to read a story of truly forced feminization - one where there are no secret desires, no repressed feelings of femininity, and no unspoken taboos to be revealed. As much as I love those stories (and so deeply identify with the submissive boys who take such delight in being forcibly feminized), Troy King puts a whole new spin on the genre with a man being lovingly punished with panties, butt-plugs, high heels, and more.

Part 2 picks up our story just hours after the close of The Punishment, with our lucky slave waking up from an awkward night's sleep, only to have Mistress Minerva confirm that his punishment is not yet complete. She expects coffee and breakfast in bed, followed by a little oral pleasure, before she heads out to run some errands. If hubby thinks he'll be able to enjoy some sort of rest and relaxation, however, she has news for him. While she's out, he will assume his favourite position - with a small role reversal. As a man who loves seeing a woman on her knees with a cock in her mouth, he will be bound and plugged, on his knees, collared to the wall, where he will learn to deepthroat the dildo mounted there.

Like the first chapter, the emphasis here is on Mistress Minerva's pleasure and her hubby's punishment. There's a lot of bondage and submission involved, a fantastic scene of public humiliation, and (rest assured) an ultimate release to be won. What's more, there's a lot of really smart, really interesting talk about what it means to be involved in such a lifestyle, with Mistress Minerva making it clear that as much as she loves seeing her forcibly feminized husband deepthroating a dildo and prancing across town in heels, she has no intention of ever sharing him, and doesn't seem him as any less of a man. What's more, he fully expects to reverse the roles next weekend.

The two chapters (Part 1 & Part 2) together make for a fun, sexy tale that's realistic as well. It's a story of dominance and submission within the bounds of a loving marriage, and of forced feminization without the suggestion of bisexuality. Truly wonderful.

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