Saturday, August 2, 2014

Futa Angel Fun Times by Sinn Lee

As short stories go, this was definitely a bit on the slender side, but I really loved what Sinn Lee accomplished here. Futa Angel Fun Times sounds like a cheeky sort of erotic adventure, but it's really an atmospheric paranormal sort of literary seduction.

Part of the allure comes from the forbidden element, with Daniel letting himself into the mysterious shop, and then wandering around like a common thief. You keep waiting for his inevitable discovery, but the magical, hypnotic, calming effect the store has on him is beautifully described. By the time his angel appears, he's already completely susceptible to her spell.

As for the seduction, it's more erotic than explicit, wrapped in mystery and magic. It's quite lovely to behold, especially the reveal of her futa nature, and the ending is exquisite in its endless promise of submission and transformation. Don't let the title put you off - Futa Angel Fun Times is a lovely bit of writing!

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  1. This looks really good - something different. I like the sound of its subtlety :)