Monday, August 4, 2014

synthie by Alina X

I love science fiction tales that play with gender, especially those that explore the massive grey (or is that pink?) area between male and female. When Alina X first came to us with a review request for synthie, I was naturally intrigued.

What we discover in the first few pages is a man named Mike whose own body was destroyed in a deep space accident. Fortunately, the technology exists to place his mind, his memories, his consciousness, and his personality into a new body - that of a synthetic hermaphrodite. He awakens to discover that he has a voluptuous new body, with exaggerated curves, big breasts, and a big penis. He loves his body, but still thinks of himself as a man, with that penis a vital part of that identity

The first half of his story is one of self-discovery. Once he overcomes the sensory shock of his new body, he's forced to determine what his place is in the world. He's a human in a synthetic body, and a man who looks like a woman. It's a challenge, and one that is well-described. It's not just your typical stud in a bimbo's body kind of tale - there's some real thought involved about gender and identity. The second half of his story - and I won't say much, so as not to spoil the delight - involves meeting up with the woman who designed and provided the template for his body.

Erotic, imaginative, and thought-provoking, synthie is a really great story. I cannot wait to read more.

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