Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kidnapped by a Girl Gang by Kylie Gable

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

In Taken by a Girl Gang and Cuckolded by a Girl Gang we learned what happens when a proud young businessman makes the fatal mistake of verbally lashing out at the local all-girl gang, setting him up for some extreme female domination, forced feminization, and cuckolding. Kylie Gable definitely put poor Wesley through his paces, pushing him far beyond his limits, in a dark, violent, sexually exciting tale.

With Kidnapped by a Girl Gang, Kylie picks up the action six months later. Once a financial Executive, Wesley has been reduced to a menial job at half his salary. Once a happily married man, he has been reduced to the role of cuckold clean-up boy. All this while the woman who orchestrated his downfall heads up a company of her own, built on his former clients. It's a miserable life, but somehow Wesley continues on.

It's a matter of wrong time, wrong place for Wesley when a rival girl gang arrives to threaten his new boss. Looking for a little leverage, they kidnap Wesley to use as a hostage. When a slip of the tongue reveals his relationship with the Banshees, the Insane Royals decide to take advantage, forcibly feminizing him once again, and putting him to work as a waitress.

What makes this third chapter unique is really two things. The first is the way in which Wesley responds to Natalia's control, going so far as to actually enjoy being pegged by her while orally satisfying, Sotero, her boyfriend. It marks a significant change in his personality, and promises an interest twist. The second is the confrontation between Julia and Laura, which reveals how responsible both women feel for the predicament into which they've placed him. That, coupled with an explosive cliffhanger of an ending, really does transform the entire series from mere 'erotica' to an 'erotic thriller'.

I had hoped for a tidy, humiliatingly happy sort of epilogue after the second chapter, but I like what Kylie has done with this third chapter so much more. It's a game-changer, make no mistake, but an exceptionally erotic one.

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