Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Celebrity Sissy by Crystal Veeyant

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Whether she’s dealing with a medieval fantasy world or the nightmares of celebrity culture, Crystal Veeyant knows not only how to capture a scene, but how to create realistic characters that leap off the page. He stories are (quite naturally) driven by the personalities of her characters, with the development of the story dependant upon the development of the characters – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Celebrity Sissy is something of an erotic thriller, complete with some very real danger, drama, and consequences of celebrity excess. What begins as a game of domination and transformation for Shanu, the shemale nurse, and Cheri, her lesbian lover, soon turns into something more as Jamie’s innermost desires are revealed. A confrontation with a jilted lover forces Jamie to make amends for his past, and little cosmetic and pharmaceutical assistance completes his own development from sissy to shemale.

As usual, Crystal weaves a stunning tale of forced feminization, bisexual awakening, and sexual exploration. Her shemales are fantasies cum to life, and her sissies are the fantasies of our lives. She has a knack for making her characters come alive, adding an emotional element to the sensual eroticism that so few erotica authors can manage. Celebrity Sissy is as much about wish fulfillment as it is about being careful what you wish for, but there's a happy ending (and happy endings for all) to reward our indulgence.

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