Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Humiliation by Kylie Gable

Halloween Humiliation is the latest forced feminization & humiliation tale from Kylie Gable, a read that certainly takes advantage of the season, but which isn't strictly a Halloween tale.

The whole story revolves around a woman by the name of Andrea, a newcomer to the real estate firm of Merriwell and Associates who feels marginalized by the men in sales, and who has never been accepted by the women around her. When she notices that one of those arrogant, pompous, sexist men is beginning to show a softer side - women's shoes and slacks - she discovers a whole new side of the company.

This is a quick story that moves along from scene to scene without really pausing to develop any kind of backstory or history. It's also a story that's light on the actual feminization detail, which may disappoint some readers. However, it's just as well-told and carefully crafted as any of Kylie's other tales, and the slow, subtle, careful plotting of the ultimate humiliation is exciting to behold. Rather than relying exclusively on blackmail or threats, the story Andrea takes a more seductive approach, challenging her nemesis and getting under his skin, before completely turning the tables.

A fun read, Halloween Humiliation keeps things realistic, but fulfils all of our fantasies.

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