Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sissy Dreams: Being Kellie by Paul Zante

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Sissy Dreams: Being Kellie incorporates three of the most common transgender fetishes. First, we have a young man who is aroused by the feel of women's clothes, and the accompanying fantasy of being a slut. Second, we have a young man with a fetish for the taste of sweaty heels and the smell of well-worn satin panties. Lastly, we have the fantasy of forced feminization, of being caught by a dominant woman and forced to live out that fantasy of being a slut.

Clearly, Paul Zante is intimately aware of the power of those fantasies, as he does a stunningly delightful job of describing the experience. He paints such a vivid picture of the outfits that it's all too easy to close your eyes and imagine yourself getting dressed. He also deals with the guilt and the shame that often follows an orgasm in panties, supporting the fantasy with a little embarassing honesty.

As part of his crossdressing fantasy, Robin imagined his roommate in the sexiest, sluttiest way imaginable, and then put himself into her place. Much to his horror, his fantasy wasn't far from the truth, and thanks to a webcam and the threat of blackmail, he's going to get his chance to live her life and put his wet, pink lipstick to work. Without spoliling the climax of the tale, I loved how the book came around full circle, making that opening fantasy a coping mechanism for living it.

Personally, I would have loved for Robin's night to last a little longer, and I do so hope there's a sequel in the making, but this was a hot, sexy read that's sure to please, no matter what form your transgender fantasies take. If you can't wait and want more, then give Sissy Erotica Collection Part Three a try.

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