Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift Wrapped by Kylie Gable

Just in time for the holidays, Kylie Gable offers up for holiday-themed tales of forced feminization and female domination. Gift Wrapped is an interesting collection, with half incorporating the embarrassment and humiliation Kylie does so well, and the other half coming across as almost sweet (in a twisted sort of way).

Sissy Under Wraps is a classic Kylie story, focused on the act of feminization of an arrogant jerk who decides to break up with his girlfriend (via email, no less!) just 2 days before Christmas. Katie is devastated, but fortunately she has friends who know how to make her holiday season a bit brighter. Overcome as much by a few drinks as his own libido, Jack follows a strange woman home, only to find those very same friends waiting for him. His breaking and feminization is very well done (and appropriately holiday themed), leaving him as a gift-wrapped under his girlfriend's tree. There's an unusual Scrooge-worthy twist in the final scene that will make you smile, but please do yourself a favor and enjoy it yourself.

Regifted is a delightfully romantic story of lesbian love, and one in which sissies make only a fleeting appearance. It's the story of a dominant young woman who is desperate to afford a Christmas present for her best friend, lover, and soul mate. After much soul searching she decides to sell her well-trained sissy to another Mistress, and to use that money for a present. There's a sweet twist involved here as well, putting a romantic cherry on top of the tale, while subtly reminding us that Kylie's sissies are mere objects.

The Christmas Pageant is another classic Kylie story, once again focused on the act of feminization and the humiliation of the lucky boy at its center. Here we have an absolute brat of a brother who likes to embarrass and insult his sister at every opportunity. When his cruel taunts about a holiday pageant dress go a little too far, he finds himself on the other end of the exchange, forced not only into feminization, but into taking a place in the pageant. It's a fun, revenge-fuelled story with an open ending that promises even more cruel delights.

The final story, What Are You Doing for New Year's, is the shortest of the collection, but still a cute read. It's really all set-up, an introduction to a larger story that Kylie leaves in our imaginations, with a sissy and his wife preparing for a New Year’s Eve party at a fancy hotel. It's the dialogue that sparkles here, especially the way in which David's wife so casually reminisces about past embarrassments. She teases him mercilessly about his date, the best friend who covered for David's infidelity a year ago, but there's another twist to be revealed that puts a happy, sexy, sissy spin on things.

Gift Wrapped is a fantastic collection, and one that displays a newer, softer, happier side of Kylie - one that compliments the delicious cruelty we've come to expect beautifully!

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