Monday, December 1, 2014

Girl Gang Triumphant by Kylie Gable

With the final chapter of the Girl Gang Saga complete, Kylie Gable delivers an entirely satisfying conclusion that not only wraps things up nicely, but which brings our story full-circle. Picking up just hours after the last chapter, Girl Gang Triumphant has Wesley and The Banshees plotting their next move, with the Insane Royals hot on their trail. In an ironic twist, poor wesley is trapped in a situation where he owes his life to the women who destroyed his life and his career, and where he's going to have to voluntarily sacrifice even more of his dignity if they're to survive.

By this point, Kylie could have been forgiven for breaking Wesley, but he is not yet resigned to his fate. Petulant and defiant, he's actually reached a breaking point of another kind, prompting him to violently lash out against the cruellest of his captors. It's a bold (albeit foolish) move that will have some unintendedly pleasant consequences once their ordeal is over, but I shall keep my lips sealed and my fingetips restrained on that note.

Saving their hides involves arming themselves with some assault-grade weaponry, something they neither have access to, nor can easily afford. Enter poor Wesley, once again, who gets to whore himself out to a third gang in order to earn a discount on the weapons. As much as he hates the idea, he can see the necessity of his sacrifice, and he submits to a little pole dancing, lap dancing, and oral pleasure. It's embarrassing and humiliating, as we've come to expect, but also determined.

The story wraps up with some genuine thrills as Wesley and the girls look to avenge their lost comrades and ensure themselves a future, making Girl Gang Triumphant a worthy finale to an already exciting saga.

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