Sunday, December 14, 2014

Player 2 by Lyka Bloom

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lyka Bloom is one of the best in the business at gender transformation tales, with the original Gamer Girl being her best standalone tale to date. Of course, with a sequel now available, it no longer qualifies as a standalone, but that doesn't change a thing.

Gamer Girl: Player 2 is the sequel we all wanted, but didn't necessarily ever expect to see. As it opens, NuLife and NuWay are both long gone, the online multiplayer game a virtual ghost town, and the company itself completely out of business. Their existence is little more than an urban legend, and their product is something whispered about only in the forbidden chat rooms of the deep internet.

That's getting ahead of ourselves a bit, however. When we first meet Franklin he has no knowledge of NuLife, and no interest in NuWay. He's a rich loner who has never so much as dabbled in transgender fantasies, but who is more than willing to play along when a new girlfriend suggests a little experimentation. Before long, he finds himself enjoying this new life, and begins seeking out ways to more fully immerse himself in his femininity. Then, just as he's beginning to truly find himself, Chrissie decides she's had enough and wants to settle down with somebody a little more traditional.

Abandoned and already addicted to his own femininity, Franklin puts his free time and considerable wealth to use, finding a NuWay suit on the blackmarket, and a copy of the portal into NuLife from an IRC lurker who knows the legends. Unlike the first story, here we have a man who knows precisely what he's getting into, and who has full control over his transformation. It makes for an exciting tale of erotic self-realization, and the ways in which Bloom explores the conflict between what 'he' knows and what 'she' desires is fantastic. Of course, he's not about to stop at simply transforming himself, and that's where the story get really interesting.

Gamer Girl: Player 2 is more of a wish fulfillment tale than the forced feminization story of the first chapter, but it benefits from having already introduced the technology. Bloom is able to experiment a bit more here and demonstrate another side of her gender transformation talent, making this a more than worth sequel that can stand on its own.

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