Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anemone by Jessie Ash

Anemone is another serialized novel currently being produced by Jessie Ash (season 1 wrapped up back in November), and even if it's not quite as well-crafted as My Name is Purple Princess, it's still a fun story that demonstrates a lot of imagination.

The first chapter of Anemone is a fun story, albeit a little silly. Like I said, it's not quite as well-crafted as Ash's other work - in particular, I found some grammar issues and some awkward phrasing - but the creativity more than makes up for any narrative stumbles. It's the story of a mature researcher, working under immense pressure to deliver on a youth restoration formula or all his lose government funding. When he discovers that the one mouse who did regress also changed sex, Dr. Bellspur takes a chance on a new formula that incorporates anemofish chromosomes.

When an unfortunate accident causes him to inhale the new formula before it's been tested, he wakes up to discover that he's been transformed into a beautiful, buxom young woman. The discovery scene is both comic and clever, poking some gentle fun as what's a common genre trope, ending with the kind, understanding police officers offering the young woman the only clothes they have on hand . . . which are left over from a charity cheerleader carwash.

In the second chapter of Anemone, Dr. Bellspur and his assistant continue seeking a solution for his condition, but he continues to spontaneously change gender based on environmental changes. Following up on the bathing incident that concluded the first story, he decides to take his innocent flirtation and sexual experimentation just a bit further, deliberately bringing on the buxom mermaid transformation in order to provide his best friend, Rupert, with a birthday surprise.

Where the story really gets fun is when Rupert decides he likes this new Dr. Bellspur and encourages him to enjoy his newfound femininity, including a shopping excursion and more. The story ends on something of a cliffhanger, promising even more comic, erotic, imaginative fun in the next chapter.

It's a fun story, full of imagination, with a nice mix of comedy and erotic romance. The mermaid angle might seem a little much, but it's well-thought out and Ash does justice to the idea.

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