Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Female Masking: Her Smile by Ghostly Writer

Something a little different for you this week, as we suit up, adjust our faces, and explore the world of female masking. This is something that really slipped into the mainstream over the last year-and-a-half, with a Channel 4 documentary, Secrets of the Living Dolls, and several newspaper articles that followed - all of them exploring it primarily from a fetish or cosplay angle. While I don't deny that aspect, I immediately saw a potential for transgender expression, so I decided to talk to the people who live it, love it, and write about it to learn more.

If you have yet to read this month's issue of Frock Magazine, then I urge you to give it a read as soon as you're done here - I think you'll find my article on Female Masking and the Trans Community a great sort of primer, and a natural lead in to this week's feature.


Her Smile is the first of two female masking tales we'll be featuring this week from Ghostly Writer. It's a short tale, but definitely packs a lot of erotic masking into its pages. It all begins with a dangerous affair and ends with a delicious act of revenge, but in between is some erotic, gender-bending, female masking action.

Harry has been having an affair with Jacqueline, so he's not overly surprised when she shows up at his door, looking for her knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, as he's about to find out, the truth is that he's more destined to be a chump in stretchy latex.

The masking element here is definitely more fantasy than fact, but the amount of detail that Ghostly Writer puts into describing the technology is delightful. It's not as simple as simply putting on a mask and bodysuit - well, it is, but transforming the fantasy to fact requires a little something extra. Harry is unconscious for his transformation, so what we really get is an outside-in look at the experience, but it still makes for some powerful storytelling.

As revenge schemes go, the story behind Her Smile is actually quite clever. There are several betrayals going on here, but they all tie into a story that's darkly erotic, pushing the boundaries of not just gender, but sexuality as well.

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