Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Friendly Seduction by Kylie Gable

Kylie Gable has to be one of the most diverse, and proficient, authors of transgender fiction going. While there are often common themes of forced feminization, coerced bisexuality, humiliation, and cuckoldry, the background, the setting, and the scenario are new every time. Friendly Seduction incorporates all of those themes, but does so in original fashion.

This time out, the scenario is one of sexual surrogacy. Brendan hasn't seen his college buddy in years so when he finds himself out of a job, he's more than happy to drop everything and accept an invitation to visit. The catch? Well, it turns out Adam's not home, and his stunningly beautiful wife is interested in more than just making their visitor comfortable. She wants to turn her husband's friend into his new lover, taking up the sexual slack while she steps out and avails herself of her choice of men.

Gable is all over the map with this one, and I love it. Morgan alternately seduces, teases, torments, blackmails, forces, and coerces Brendan into doing what she wants. There's no pain or humiliation involved this time, but it's a bewildering journey that lands Brendan in a beautician's chair for a total, head-to-toe transformation. There are some lovely twists to Friendly Seduction, particularly with Brendan's secret past, and just what Morgan and Adam know about it. The attention to detail is lovely, and the sexuality over-the-top, especially with the entirely satisfying finale.

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