Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pink Erasure: The Final Tale of the Institute by Lyka Bloom

Well, they say all good things must come to an end, but I really have mixed feelings about Lyka Bloom saying goodbye to the Institute. It's been one of the most stunning and imaginative pieces of transgender erotica I've read in a very long time, with an intimate appreciation for the subjects of female domination and (sometimes) forced feminization. There's so much potential there that I hate to see the series end, but I also realize it's best to climax on a high note than to start becoming repetitive and losing the edge.

So, that brings us to Pink Erasure: The Final Tale of the Institute. If you've been following along with the series (or my reviews), then you know that Lady B has been treading some dangerous waters of late. She's gone far beyond the original mandate of the Institute, and seems more interested in mind control and revenge than in helping boys and girls to realize their bimbo, slutty, ultra-feminine potential. She's definitely crossed some lines, and it's brought some unwelcome scrutiny.

For the first time here we see Lady B's perfect little sissy and shemale sluts standing up to her and challenging her once unquestionable rule. It's not a power play or an act of rebellion, just a sincere desire to protect their Mistress and all that she has created. Even the most brainwashed of bimbos can see how much good the Institute and the Pink Spy web-cam service have done, and how much happier it has made them in their lives.

Aurora, Lady B's lover and closest confidante, has just enough free will to really press the issue, but Lady B doesn't want to hear it. Scorned and rejected, Aurora must battle her own lust for obedience with her devotion to the Institute and all that it stands for. Eventually, she decides that the only way to protect them all is the get into Lady B's private office, steal her prized tool, and turn the tables by working a little mind control on their Mistress.

Nothing, of course, ever goes quite according to plan.

While this final chapter has its moments of sexy fun and imaginative adventure, it's definitely the darkest, edgiest of the series. There's a real sense of impending doom, and genuine worry as to who will survive to the end, who will become completely bimboized, and who will end up one of Lady B's faceless rubber doll servants. There are some fantastic twists along the way, some glorious moments of passion, and an ending that certainly wraps up the story . . . but which leaves the door open for Lyka to possibly one day play again.

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