Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Human Dollification: Becoming the Doll by Clive Givet

Regular benders of the bookshelf will remember very well the week we dedicated to female masking not so long ago. It was a ton of fun, with some great reads that really opened my eyes to a new facet of transgender expression. It's also a sub-genre of transgender fiction that introduced me to a more fetish-oriented offshoot, that of human dollification.


To wrap up our second day of human dollification week, we step back from the fantastic, the magical, and the cursed to look at another one of those stories that deals so very well with the fetish to not become a doll, but to play at become one.

Becoming the Doll is a short story, but boy-oh-boy is it a fun one. This is the kind of story that should appeal as much to lovers of crossdressing fantasies and female masking erotica as human dollification. Clive Givet tells the tale of a young man who literally steps into the plastic flesh of a sex doll. Some time ago, a friend of Carl's brother brought a stash of damaged sex dolls into the house (split seems, pin holes, etc.), which the two boys have been secretly enjoying.

Just before they throw them away, Carl manages to steal one and stash it away until just the right moment. With an empty house and an entire day to himself, he takes out the love doll and actually begins cutting it into pieces, creating a top, a bottom, and a head. With the help of a lot of oil he manages to slips into tight confines and gives himself the illusion of becoming the doll.

The attention to detail here is absolutely perfect for any lover of dollification, or anybody with a fetish for latex and restraint. The feel of the rubber, the tightness and constricting nature of the arms and legs, the pain of having your mouth continually open, the lack of movement . . . Givet allows us to experience and appreciate it all. It's erotic and entirely realistic, providing just what the title promises

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