Monday, April 13, 2015

Human Dollification: Mistress Dyke's Fembot Factory by Paul Zante

Regular benders of the bookshelf will remember very well the week we dedicated to female masking not so long ago. It was a ton of fun, with some great reads that really opened my eyes to a new facet of transgender expression. It's also a sub-genre of transgender fiction that introduced me to a more fetish-oriented offshoot, that of human dollification.


For our second fictional foray into the world of human dollification we swing a bit further into the land of fantasy and erotic invention with a story of not just playing a doll, but of being forced to become one.

Mistress Dyke's Fembot Factory is a fantastic tale that crosses a number of fetishes, including forced feminization, bondage, domination, and forced bisexuality. Paul Zante begins by putting a nice twist on the usual feminization as revenge scenario, one in which he justifies what's to follow by so carefully establishing our main character as as a sexist, selfish, arrogant lover.

Already dismissive of Valentine's Day, he only accompanies his girlfriend to a restaurant for dinner because he's hoping he can get something out of it later. He's disinterested, rude, and ends up cheating on her just a few feet away with a gorgeous waitress in the bathroom. That bathroom blowjob quickly turns into something scary, however, as he feels himself becoming numb, before ultimately passing out.

When he wakes up, he's completely immobile, unable to talk, and being hovered over by beautiful woman in a lab coat. She not only explains how he's been completely feminized and rendered completely controllable, but why. He's more a sophisticated sex robot or android than a true doll, but Zante puts a lot of attention into establishing the very artificial nature of his new life. As for what he's force to do, and what's to become of his girlfriend . . . well, you'll have to risk being dollified yourself to find out.

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