Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Human Dollification: Spiked: Dubious Consent Dollification Erotica by Brad Boldly

Regular benders of the bookshelf will remember very well the week we dedicated to female masking not so long ago. It was a ton of fun, with some great reads that really opened my eyes to a new facet of transgender expression. It's also a sub-genre of transgender fiction that introduced me to a more fetish-oriented offshoot, that of human dollification.


For our third day of human dollification week, we shift back into the dark world of fantasy and black magic, of young men turned into living sex dolls against their will, and of the adventures their new life leads to.

Spiked: Dubious Consent Dollification Erotica is, as you might guess from the title, a story of a young man being forcibly converted into a doll as punishment for his actions. Brad Boldly begins the story with a young man drugging and raping a young woman at a party. He might have gotten away with it, especially since her initial thought upon waking is that she secretly likes the sensations in her body, but he took her virginity - and witches don't take kindly to having their sacred hymen broken in such a manner.

What starts as an odd, frightening warmth in Brian's stomach turns into full paralysis, with the witch arriving to explain that he’s now an authentic sex doll, sensitive to touch and immediately aroused, but unable to move or speak. Her ultimate revenge is to leave him there, with a note that he’s free for use by his roommate, and allow him to experience what he forced upon her - again and again and again.Where the story gets ever darker - and a lot more fun - is when his roommate brings a friend over to experience how realistic these “crazy Japanese guys” made this doll.

There's not a lot of doll detail to this one, with no real experience of what it means to being plastic. Instead, the story is focused on the helplessness, the revenge, and the insatiable nature of horny college boys faced with a perfect doll that never says no, can never get pregnant, and will always be clean and disease free.

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