Thursday, April 16, 2015

Human Dollification: Transformation Station by Timmi Gee

Regular benders of the bookshelf will remember very well the week we dedicated to female masking not so long ago. It was a ton of fun, with some great reads that really opened my eyes to a new facet of transgender expression. It's also a sub-genre of transgender fiction that introduced me to a more fetish-oriented offshoot, that of human dollification.


We kick off the last day of human dollification week with another short story collection. Only one has a trans twist, so we'll focus on that, but overall it's a great look at the fantasy side of the fetish. Timmi has such a flair with the details of dollification that it’s well worth a read.

Transformation Station: Volume 1 by Timmi Gee kicks off with a little story called With Friends Like These. It's the story of two young men, complete opposites physically, yet still best friends with shared intellectual interests, who go on to work for a think tank specializing in chemical engineering after graduating college.

With a major promotion open, both are completing for it, although Terry has a slight edge over his more physically impressive friend. In hindsight, he should have been a bit more suspicious when Dan’s girlfriend asked him out, and he really should have said ‘no’ to the offer of a pink, fruity drink, but that's what happens when shy young men are offered their heart's desire.

The dollification transformation here is absolutely fantastic, one of the more imaginative I've come across yet. I don’t want to spoil it, but Terry becomes very malleable, like wet plastic, and Sandi knows just how to shape him. The way his flesh plasticizes and forms into its love doll features is just remarkable, and really makes you believe such a dollification is possible. Of course, what good is a new love doll without somebody to test it out . . . but that you can experience for yourself.

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