Monday, May 18, 2015

Dungeon Mistress Adventures by Slave Nano

While there’s no doubt that Slave Nano’s tales are explicit, they are not erotic in the traditional sense. Life as a willing submissive to Mistress Nemesis is all about the mental bliss of submission, rather than the physical pleasures of release. The stories within Dungeon Mistress Adventures about obedience, submission, punishment, and discipline.

Slave's Confession – This is an interesting, powerful tale of absolute, complete, and utter submission. It’s a story that goes so far beyond mere physical restraint that it’s almost hard to fathom. Watching Slave Nano have his very identity stripped away, his role erased, and his purpose dismantled is emotionally and intellectually terrifying . . . but Mistress Nemesis is both cruel and fair.

Slave's Cottage Adventure – No matter what you might expect of Slave Nano, this story is destined to surprise you. It begins with some exquisite fetish play, with Mistress Nemesis teasing her slaves with some very public humiliation, but it all ends on a deliciously humorous note that takes us out of the dungeon scene and reminds us of real-life . . . inconveniences.

Slave's Fetish Club Visit – My, but this is a delightfully intense bit of BDSM scene-play, complete with intricate bondage, punishment, and subservience to other Mistresses and slaves. Mistress Nemesis’ transvestite toy, Vicky, gets a little more attention here, and we also get some brief interactions with a sissy slave named Priscilla and a submissive transvestite named Sarah. The spider's web rack is definitely the highlight of this tale.

Slave's Punishment – While the first 3 stories could be enjoyed as individual scenes, this is the one that brings them all together, fulfilling the threat of the first tale, and providing suitable punishment for the preceding story. We get to watch what should be a spectacularly erotic scene, with Slave Nano being spit-roasted by Vicky’s manhood and Mistress Nemesis’s black strap-on, but which is instead deliberately rather sterile and cold.

As the title suggests, these are Dungeon Mistress Adventures, designed and acted out for the approval of Mistress Nemesis. Slave Nano is just that, a slave, and the stories reflect his role in serving his Mistress’s whims. That’s not to say she is incapable of pleasure – in fact, I would do just about anything to read a story focussed solely on Mistress Nemesis and Vicky, her transvestite toy – but she’s not interested in Slave Nano experiencing it himself.

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