Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet our Newest Reviewer (You Could be Next!)

Here at Bending the Bookshelf we’re always looking for new reviewers to join the team. We get so many review requests in a month that we simply can’t keep up. As much as I would love to have us posting fresh reviews every day, the reality is that this is a hobby (not a job) and family life, day jobs, and other commitments often take priority.

Joining the team is easy, and we are entirely flexible when it comes to commitments. Obviously, I will never complain about providing too many reviews (lol), but I’d be quite happy with 1 or 2 per month. Similarly, I’d really love it if you’re able to promote our reviews through social media, but that’s hardly a requirement.

As for choice of titles, incoming review requests are open to the whole team (yes, that does mean free books!), but you’re welcome to read and review anything you like that fits within our focus. Similarly, the style of your reviews is your own, so don’t feel like you need follow a prescribed format. All I ask is that you provide the title/author, caution against any spoilers, and aim for at least 200 words.

Now, with all that said, please allow me to introduce our newest member of the team – Trevor!

Um, hello. Sally asked me to write a few words of introduction. That turned out to be a lot harder than I expected, and this is probably way more than she expected, but here goes. I am a long-time follower of Sally’s reviews on Amazon, but I only realized she had a blog a few months ago. Why? Well, the sad truth is that you tend to be a bit paranoid about your online activities when you’re a bisexual male living on a military base. Actually, yeah, a bit paranoid doesn't come close. Especially when you’re living in a polyamorous relationship with a fellow soldier and her husband. 

Yes, we were together for nearly 3 years, and we were very much in love. We didn't flaunt our relationship, but we didn't hide it either. We all knew it would catch up to us sometime and, well, it did. Long story short, we all got reprimanded for different bullshit things, she got reassigned, and I accepted the advice not to reenlist. I've since landed a job with a private security firm (clich├ęd, I know, but true), which pays better, is a hell of lot safer, and doesn't give a damn who I sleep with.

As for what I’m interested in, and what I hope to be reviewing here, it’s likely to be pretty diverse. I like open, honest, happy relationships. While I don’t consider myself to be trans, I do prefer lovers who aren’t traditionally male/female. Men in dresses are just as attractive to me as women in combat boots, and I love boys with buttplugs as much as I love girls who are packing. I am a romantic at heart, but I do have a lot of kinks, including a love for erotic cosplay and a fetish for creampies and human cows. I certainly don’t mind a little forceful encouragement or pushing of limits, but non-consensual sex, humiliation, degradation, and pain are not my thing. Been there, seen that, not interested in furthering the cycle of abuse.

Well, that’s probably enough. Now that you know where I’m coming from, we can discover together where I’m going from here, and do so in the best way possible – by bonding over books. Thanks to Sally and the gang for making me feel welcome, and here’s to getting to know you all better!

Trevor has his first reads in hand now, with reviews soon to be on the way, so I hope you'll all make him feel welcome! If you're interested in being the next addition to the team, please do let me know!

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