Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mike versus Michelle by Sharron Parsons

Mike versus Michelle by Sharron Parsons is a book that at times seems so far-fetched, one wonders if it could actually be based upon a true story or merely the figment of the mind of a good writer who is just only somewhat knowledgeable about the MTF transition process.  Breast augmentation at age 15? I wonder about this.  However, this novel also contains portions that carry such a ring of absolute truth, perhaps that's why I found it so intriguing.

It is a novel about Mike, a young crossdressing lad whose "en femme" proclivities are accidentally discovered by his mom. As it turns out, Mike's basic motivation for yearning to wear female attire is more a function of his fetishistic behavior than it is transsexually-based.  It won't give anything away to mention that this youngster also has a peck of emotional issues he is dealing with, not the least of which is an Oedipal-like attraction to his lovely mom.

Mike's motivation to crossdress while smoking Virginia Slims is purely to copy her for the sexual pleasure he derives from these activities.  The gender variant behavior is totally misconstrued by Mike’s mother. With her larger-than-life, enabling and probably narcissistic personality, she guides him down the "rabbit hole" where he makes life-changing decisions that are essentially self-destructive. Eventually, after several years of inner turmoil, Mike finally comes to terms with who he has become.

Though having to suspend disbelief a bit, I found this book to be both memorable and entertaining.

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