Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Cuckold Hubby: The Training Period by Jamie Morgan

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

In terms of character building, My Cuckold Hubby has a perfect opening. Sure, it may be a bit of an info dump regarding characters we have not yet met, but Jamie Morgan does a wonderful job of establishing (a) just how naturally shy and submissive Alan really is, and (b) how naive Traci was, simply not seeing it in submissive context as opposed to taking advantage of it. We instantly get an idea of what kind of a couple they are, and it is certainly a happy picture . . . although one with secrets to be revealed.

What is important about the story is that this is not really a story of cuckolding – it is a story of female supremacy. The more she digs into her husband’s online history, the more Traci learns about why women should be dominant in a relationship, and in what ways she can exert that dominance. It is this exploration that leads to cuckolding, not as a punishment or humiliation tool for hubby, but simply a final manifestation of her natural sexual supremacy. As Melissa, the woman behind the female supremacy website advises, “cuckolding should be used to drive him deeper into submission to her, not to fulfill the selfish desires to have frivolous sex.”

The transformation in their relationship is almost as abrupt as it is intense. Traci really takes to her new role and begins enjoying the power she has over her Alan, especially once the intensity of it drives him to tears for the first time. Orgasm denial gives way to anal training with ever-larger buttplugs, which gives way to creampie cleanup, all of which will ultimately set the stage for his new role as not just a submissive, but a submissive cuckold. Before that, however, we see how his newfound submission alters his entire life, making him happier and earning him new accolades at the office for his new attitude. That, right there, is what made me fall in love with this story. I love dominant women, I adore submissive sissies, and I get so turned on by the idea of cuckolding, but not when it comes at the husband’s expense. These stories work best for me when he enjoys his role, and takes pleasure in his submission.

To Morgan’s credit, that final transformation is not an easy one for hubby. As much as he has fantasized about it, and as much as it clearly turns him on, he rebels at the thought of being cuckolded. He argues with his wife, begs her not to do it, and goes so far as to suggest he does not want to be dominated anymore. While she physically lashes out at his insolence, she quickly changes tactics and basically seduces him into admitting his innermost desires. Of course, anybody who knows me will understand just how deliriously happy I was to watch Alan eat his first pair of cuckold creampies – both anal and vaginal. Despite all his earlier protests, it is clear just how much he enjoys it, just how happy he is in his new role.

Clearly this is just the story of The Training Period, and there is apparently more to come in the series with Meeting The Female Supremacist, but I really enjoyed the way this played out. I was hoping for a forced feminization or forced bisexuality, but it is clear that Alan is already a sissy maid (he just lacks the costume), and I suspect all that anal training will be put to good use one day.

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