Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Birthday Girl by Sara James

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Wow. I don’t know that I’ve ever taken such an instant dislike to a character, but Randy infuriated me from page one. Really, by the time that first scene was done, Sara James and The Birthday Girl could do whatever they wanted to him, no matter how humiliating, and I’d enjoy it.

And enjoy it I did.

As transformations go, this is one of the oddest, yet most creative I’ve come across in a long while. After drinking a ‘special’ beer, Randy is only too happy to take his pleasure from Katrina, but it’s not long before he discovers that something is wrong. Her breasts have sort of softened and melted between them, attaching themselves to his chest, and ultimately leaving him with her massive mounds when she pulls away. The same thing is going on below, with Randy quickly going from penetrator to penetrated in mid thrust, and ending with her cumming inside him. It isn’t until she out-wrestles him for control of the situation that things really begin to change, with his body becoming more and feminine with each of her thrusts, until her orgasm seals the deal.

And leaves her the man. 

He may have forgotten a birthday present, but she’s got him covered. Her present this year? One night of him being her bitch.

What follows is, for Randy, a night from hell. It’s his turn to take orders, his turn to be used, and his chance to be abused. Everything he’s ever forced Katrina to do for him, he’s getting the chance to do tonight. It’s a rather cruel story but, like I said, there’s no denying it’s what he deserves. Any time a sexist, chauvinistic, abusive jerk gets such a comeuppance, you have to smile – and het gets it in spades. The story takes some surprising twists over the course of the night, fully committing itself to the revenge scenario that prompted the whole transformation. There are actually moments where you sympathise with Randy, and Katrina reveals herself to still have a significant soft spot for her ex, but it’s also clear that some things never change.

Ultimately, Sara James continues the story long past the point where most authors would wrap things up, exploring the ultimate consequences of becoming The Birthday Girl.

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