Friday, June 5, 2015

Freebie Fiction Friday - Putting the TG in TGIF!

Well, if it's Friday, then that must been it's time for Freebie Fiction Friday . . . time to put the 'TG' in TGIF (and the 'FD' in Friday)!

Every Friday I take the initiative to search through thew newly free titles on Amazon, and to identify those that might be of interest to trans* readers, fans, and lovers. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, and covert it (if need be) with Calibre. I can tell you I do most of my reading on my iPad, using Kindle for iPad, and it works beautifully.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, though, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.

With the help of some late additions, we have a very nice collection this week, with a nice mix of genres and authors:


Revenge of the Bridesmaids

"Bunny Love" ("Songs of Love" Book 1)

Bigger Gender Bender Bundle

Just the Three of Us [ffm, feminization, femdom, taboo]

Sissified for Science (Hypno Sissy Feminization Erotica)

Femdom : The Game : Female Domination, BDSM, Forced Feminization, Bondage & Forced Bi

Futanari Demigoddess 6: The Demigoddess, the Witch, and the Cheerleader (and the Angel and the Demigoddess) (Group Public Futa on Female)

Tied Up and Filled by My Futa Master (Futa on Male, Domination and Submission)

Bruce's Transition and Pregnancy: Part One

The Femdom Doctor's Humiliating Prescription: 'Wear makeup, dress as a woman, become a sissy faggot slut'

Sissy Hypno (Sissy Boy Book 2)

From Biker Gang to Biker Babe: Gender Swapped by the Rival Gang

Gender Bent Newlywed (Miss Mary's Futa Harem 1)(Futa-on-female, cuckolding, gender swap erotica)

Hot Wife Fun (Futa Wife Seduction 1)(Futa-on-female, Futa-on-futa, Cuckolding, Older Woman/Younger Futa Erotica)

What the Futanari?

Just Go With It (a novel of feminizing fun and salacious submission Book 1)

Sissy: Poems on growing up gay


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