Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Miss Management by Mindi Harris

Miss Management is the debut tale from Mindi Harris, the first in an ongoing series (there’s a tease for the second book at the end). It’s a fun story, although definitely more focussed on humiliation and revenge than any sort of titillation, with a great set-up.

It all begins with From Boss Man to One of the Girls, which introduces us to Mitch Kemp, the young manager of a chain of sports bars known for their “hot wings and hotter waitresses.” No, it’s not the breastaurant you’re thinking of, it’s a new joint called Tatas – one where the waitresses wear lavender short shorts, white tank tops, and a pink apron / pouch. It’s the kind of place that, even on is best day, walks that fine line between sexy fun and sexploitation, but Mitch not only crosses the line, he can’t even see it in the distance behind him. Mitch is an arrogant jerk who loves to humiliate, degrade, harass, and manipulate his staff. The slightest infractions are dealt with through demands for sex, and he’s not shy about firing those who refuse. Eventually, his misdeeds catch up with him, and it appears his old buddy in Human Resources is no longer able to cover for him.

Suddenly finding himself without a safety net, Mitch is on his best behaviour for a couple of weeks, but then he slips – and with an undercover private investigator who has enough of his perversions on camera to send him to jail for a good long time. It should come as no surprise that Mitch’s punishment is to become a Tatas girl himself, but I liked that Mindi didn’t jump to that as being the plan all along. The girls are fully prepared to see him in jail, and it’s only an offhand comment that gets them thinking differently. I liked the detail here regarding the process of feminization, but do wish we’d gotten deeper inside Mitch’s head to understand how it all felt and how it made him feel.

Shift Change from Manager to Waitress continues the story, quickly recapping what got Mitch into this situation, and calling out the very same questions I’m sure most readers took away from the first story. How does a twenty-something manager of a sport bar own such a beautiful home, what’s with the Halloween comment, and why is he not putting up more of a fight?

Not surprisingly, Mikayla is subjected to a little teasing and fondling by the other girls, but nothing to the extent of what he once inflicted upon them. In fact, the most crushing blow comes when he discovers that one of the waitresses he genuinely liked felt the same way. His first day of work actually goes rather well – for a trainee, that is – but it’s not without its awkward moments, including a rather rowdy patron who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer when he forces Mikayla to wiggle around on his lap.

There’s definitely enough potential in Miss Management for a few good stories, and the tease included for part three (Turned Into a Slutty School Girl) should satisfy those waiting for something truly perverted. Personally, I hope we can get deeper inside Mitch’s mind to understand what he’s thinking and feeling. So far the story has been somewhat detached, more tell than show, but I suspect Mindi’s storytelling will continue to get stronger and more polished with each new installment. Definitely a fun start.

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