Thursday, June 25, 2015

Panty Raiding to Panty Wearing by Alyssa Paige

Ah, to be young again, back in college, unable to see beyond the next party, and too na├»ve to doubt the ‘perfect’ plans of a frat house. As soon as Matt announces the plan to raid the panties of Beta Phi sorority’s three most unreachable sisters, you just know it’s not going to end well – even if, like me, you might have an ulterior motive for such a raid.

The moment we hear the words, “Ladies.  GET HIM,” it’s already too late to back out.

Almost immediately, Alyssa Paige hints at the twist that will lead from Panty Raiding to Panty Wearing. It seems they have a special relationship with the Kappa Alpha fraternity, and they’re more than happy to teach the two young thieves a lesson – one it’s clear they’ve taught before. The embarrassment of Ben’s initial punishment is very well done, stripping him of his macho bravado even more quickly than his pants. Although there’s little doubt where the punishment is headed, the fact that he cries “like a girl and has equipment more in line with a girl than a guy” certainly speeds things up, and the way his hands betray him when forced to masturbate for the girls just seals the deal.

As for Matt, I’ll be totally honest when I say I didn’t expect the way he plays into the punishment twist. I mean, I guessed there would be some forced bisexuality before the night was out, but not in the way that Alyssa approaches it. Kudos to her for making an already exciting scenario even more delightful, deftly balancing the pleasure with the humiliation, and for so carefully revealing Ben’s mental and emotional transformation at the end.

Well-written, incredibly sexy, and creatively twisted, Panty Raiding to Panty Wearing ensures I’ll be reading a lot more Alyssa Paige.

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