Saturday, June 6, 2015

T-Girl Tales #1 by Crystal Veeyant

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Oh, yummy, whoopee, wow . . . Crystal Veeyant's first short story collection is everything you would expect from her perverse imagination, plus a whole lot more. She really lets loose here, indulging her most imaginative fantasies, while also revisiting some of her most popular characters. That gorgeous cover promises a lot, and her T-Girl Tales #1: Hardcore Sissy and Shemale Erotica bundle certainly delivers.

The General’s Sissy is classic Crystal, a tale of crossdressing, feminization, sissification, and female domination. I loved that way she 'encouraged' her crossdresser, taking advantage of his secret passion to transform him into a sexual servant for his commanding officers.

It is with The Shemale Witch that Crystal really lets her imagination run loose. It all starts like one of her normal tales, with a sissy submissive and his dominant wife, but then a plane crash leaves them at the mercy of an Indio witch. Cindy's wife is forced to discover the pleasures of being submissive, aided by three magical tentacle-tails, her husband's magically enhanced manhood, and a witch who can become whatever she wishes. This was hot, over-the-top, and glorious in its kinky delights.

Shemale Lesbian Gangbang Sisters revisits the characters of her Shemale Lesbian Gangbang Girl story. If you have already read that, then you know what to expect here - a little psuedo incest, some well-hung shemales, and a little kinky roleplay on the road. It is just as much fun as the source material, and fits beautifully as a missing chapter.

Next up is Sissy Sexual Harassment, another new tale that puts a different twist on Crystal's favorite themes. Here were have a young college grad, deeply in debt, who is about to lose his job. Of course, his boss has a different position available, provided he is willing to be forcibly feminized and used to service her and her shemale assistant. What I loved most about this one was the final twist, in which we once again discover the joys of finding one's secret self.

Mom’s Barroom Shemale is a special treat, bringing together characters from Mom's Truckstop Shemale and Stepmom's Sissies. Lots more psuedo incest her, sissy and shemale action, and a whole bar full of horny bikers anxious to watch . . . and have their fun. It is probably the edgiest of all the tales, but it all cums to an entirely satisfying climax.

T-Girl Tales #1: Hardcore Sissy and Shemale Erotica offers up a nice sampling of genres and fetishes for fans who are new to Crystal's work, while also rewarding long-time fans with something different to go along with revisiting old friends. I did not want The Shemale Witch to end, and The General’s Sissy ended just as it was getting really good, but the rest were just perfect.

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