Monday, June 8, 2015

The Sissy Next Door by Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear

As crossdressing fantasies go, this is about as dreamy and adorable as they get. Sure, things get a little embarrassing for Daniel, but never in a teasing or humiliating manner. In fact, this is a story about getting to live our your wildest fantasies, and if he’s not as enthusiastic about it as some of us would like to think we’d be in such a situation, it’s only because he’s so shy and insecure about being The Sissy Next Door.

It all begins, innocently enough, with a little crossdressing fun while his mother is out. He may only have two ill-fitting outfits and one bad wig, and he may not be ready to experiment with makeup, but that doesn’t stop Daniel from having his fun. He lets loose, dancing around his room to cheesy teeny bop tunes, never knowing that the new girl across the street has been watching. When his mother confronts him about the young woman in his room, and explains that the new neighbours want to meet her, he finds himself in something of a predicament.

Fortunately, mom is the completely understanding, enthusiastic, supportive woman we’ve all dreamed of. She’s actually excited about continuing the charade and having a daughter for a while. She christens her Mandy and takes her for shopping spree that any teenage crossdresser would die for. Like I said, it’s a bit embarrassing – especially when mom asks for a bra fitting – but all in fun. In fact, if there weren’t so much pressure to ‘perform’ for the neighbors, I suspect she would have enjoyed it much more.

It should come as no surprise that things go well, or that Mandy finds herself with a new best friend. Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear clearly had a lot of fun with that aspect, delving deep into the secret world of teenage girls. Mandy hilariously misinterprets some clues and questions, but it never leads to anything more than an uncomfortable moment. This is a fun story about fantasy fulfilment, and it’s meant to have a sweet, impossible, happily-ever-after feel.

If you’re okay with having a happy smile plastered on your face all day, and don’t mind the uncontrollable urge to go home and paint your nails, then The Sissy Next Door is a crossdressing must-read. Just so much fun!

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