Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Succubus' Sub by John Dylena

Earlier this month I shared with you my review of The Succubus' Sub by John Dylena, an erotic/paranormal serialized novel that puts the emphasis on the power-exchange of a dom/sub relationship, with some significant gender-bending (much to my admitted delight).

John has also collaborated with Pop Lee on an illustrated version of the story, with the first graphic novel - The Succubus' Sub - fully funded on indigogo earlier this year.

Let me just say, this is an absolutely gorgeous piece of work that beautifully captures the tone and feel of the stories, but in glorious color. It dives right into the heart of the story, temporarily bypassing a lot of the set-up, to show us Brett being feminized by his futa demon Mistress. The story then rewinds to show us that set-up before quickly recapping some of the highlights of their relationship.

It's just one issue for now, but if there truly is succubus watching over the submissives and crossdressers of the world, we will get a second issue. :)

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