Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bet I Can Feminize My Brother! by Claire Bear & Courtney Captisa

What could be more dangerous than four teenage girls with wild ideas and far too much time on their hands? Not much, especially when one of them has something to prove, fate dangles the bait of a county fair womanless pageant before them, and there’s three months of car payments on the line when they Bet I Can Feminize My Brother! Their poor, unwitting – and unwilling – brothers have no idea what they’re in for.

For one brother, it begins with a little blackmail, fueled by photos of a sleepy feminization. For another, it begins with a little ego stroking and outright bribery. For one lucky brother, it’s pretty much a dream come true, no blackmail or coercion required, while for the last . . . well, feminization involves a lot of brute force and big sister bullying. The point being, no matter what your tastes in feminization schemes or sissy boy mindsets, there’s bound be one brother’s story in which you can lose yourself.

Much to my delight, the pageant itself takes up nearly half the story, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the sissies on display. There are some interesting thoughts regarding gender expressed amidst all the laughs and embarrassment, and even if the pageant itself doesn’t end quite as it should (these things are always rigged), there’s a cute little opening left by Claire Bear & Courtney Captisa for a sequel.

All-in-all, a fun, clean, innocent little tale that's full of feminine frills, and sure to please the most curious of brothers or sisters.

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