Thursday, July 30, 2015

High-Heeled Coup by Kylie Gable

The world of high finance can be a brutal, cut-throat, dangerous place to play. Even the best players can find themselves burnt out before their time, and professional rivalries can get very personal, very quickly. High-Heeled Coup is the story of one such rivalry where both sides have played dirty, and where mistakes have been made, but where there can be only one winner.

As usual, the strength of Kylie Gable’s story is in her characters. She has a knack for quickly establishing believable, instantly recognizable characters that few within the genre can match. Steve’s personality comes out in his words, revealing him to be a sore loser and dirty fighter, even before we hear a single word about his tactics. Kendra is a bit of a different case, as we only get to see her through his eyes, but it’s clear she’s not only far more clever, but also far more vengeful.

Where most authors would be content to let the story end with a little public humiliation, watching as the alpha male is brought down, that’s where Gable begins. She actually takes things much further, going so far as to give Steve a chance to earn his way back into a position of at least some respect, but with the understanding that he’s on the bottom of a new power exchange – literally. The scene where Kendra turns the tables, bending Steve over her desk, is absolutely exquisite, especially with the lust-fueled choice he makes at the end!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the final twist coming, but I loved it. Seriously, it’s absolutely perfect the way Gable resolves the coup. By far, one of the happiest, most satisfying endings she’s offered up to date.

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