Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shoes of Glass: The First Pledge by Leona D. Reish

My, oh my, what a delightfully curious tale we find within the pages of Shoes of Glass. Although the story itself is largely your standard forced feminization fantasy, Leona D. Reish fills it with some fantastical details that serve to imbue it with a sense of mystery and wonder.

Erica Nylund is an interesting young woman with secrets that are only hinted at in this first volume. The first words we hear her speak are, “Must be nice, to still have wings.” Huh. It’s something that we might be tempted to dismiss as an idle complaint to her doll, if not for the scars across her back, her contorted foot, and her memories of a day that could have involve a fall from the sky. As for that doll she’s speaking to, it clearly represents something to her, and comes back to play a role in the final pages, but remains another mystery to be revealed.

Daniel is the young man she catches going through her things in the change room. The way she confronts him, pinning him against the lockers with her crutch is definitely unsettling, but her own surprise at the kinky, dominant thoughts suddenly running through her head is even more so. Their role play back in her dorm could be dismissed as nothing more than a little erotic fun, but she is surprisingly well equipped for a bondage session, and he’s surprisingly submissive to her wishes. When he thinks to himself that she’s a witch, it’s a comment that we might be tempted to dismiss in the heart of the moment, but when he thinks it again later . . . well, it adds to the mystery.

As for the bondage, the domination, and the forced feminization, it's darkly erotic and full of sumptuous detail. Reish really allows us to experience the intimacy of their actions, the depth of their feelings, and the conflicting emotions running beneath it all. With Shoes of Glass being the first in a series, I am really anxious to see how the story progresses, and what's beneath all the mystery. Just a lovely book, with some real narrative depth.

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