Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train by Rod Fleming

The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train by Rod Fleming is a wonderful and incredibly romantic novel with an ingenious premise, peopled with exceptionally real characters.

It is the story of a middle age man, grieving his past marriage, and feeling guilty about his indiscretions, who finds love in a totally unexpected place - and who has to deal with his deeply ingrained preconceptions about the binary gendered system.

At first glance, while this story appears to be a tale of obsession, potentially leading to an almost preordained conclusion of calamity, it turns out to be much bigger and much more different than that. In a somewhat parallel process, just as our heroine Rafy turns out to be not what she seems, neither does our hero, Brian, a man of so much depth and a complete willingness and plan to sacrifice everything for his love.

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