Monday, July 6, 2015

Virtual Reality Mistress by Jim Lyon

Virtual Reality Mistress is, for all intents and purposes, a collection of short stories or erotic scenes, loosely connected by the concept of a highly advanced virtual reality simulation. For the bargain basement price of $129.99, Jody orders his kit from Amazon, complete with earbuds, wraparound goggles, sensor pads, and even body cavity probes. As for the software, it's rather sophisticated, putting him through a series of personality tests and psychological evaluations to best tailor the experience to his fetishes.

The virtual reality concept is convenient, in that it allows us to leap through a diverse variety of scenes without resting or healing up from the last one, but there were a few continuity errors that distracted me. For instance, he talks about one Mistress "rhythmically deflowering my virgin hole" after he's already experienced his "first anally induced orgasm" at the end of a "long, thick, ebony-colored dildo." It's not important, and doesn't interfere with the erotic enjoyment, but it gave me the sense that these scenes began as short stories before having a connection forced upon them.

Where the concept does work is in allowing Jody to enjoy progressively kinkier experiences by dialing up the fetish level each time. It all begins with a rather innocent sort of fantasy, involving a poolside experience with his college French tutor. There's just a touch of female domination involved, but nothing that would seem kinky to most readers. It ends with an extreme sort of fantasy involving gender reassignment surgery and life as a highly sexualized sissy slave, offered to all comers for penetration or punishment at a party. In between, Jody becomes a human pony slave, is introduced to some extreme CBT, has his first shemale encounter, and is exposed to the concept of erotic castration.

Each scene is well-written, with plenty of sumptuous detail, and some nice insights into the submissive mindset. I liked the evolution of Jody throughout the novel, watching as his fears and inhibitions were stripped away, but I did feel the climax missed an opportunity to take him beyond the virtual environment. Having said that, whether you're talking about the book or the software, Virtual Reality Mistress is a bargain at either price.

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