Thursday, July 2, 2015

Voodoo Doll by Arnica Butler

In Voodoo Doll, Arnica Butler asks the rather curious question, "When is a vengeful curse not at curse at all?" The answer, of course, is when that curse is really A Gender Transformation Fantasy Comes True.

Although he never comes out and says it, it's pretty clear from the start that Steve is hiding a very big secret. You could be forgiven for wondering if he's gay, but there are a few comments that definite point towards being a closet transsexual. He's the kind of guy it'd be easy to identify with, if he didn't use his fear of being exposed as an excuse for allowing a woman to 'force' him to cheat on his wife. That new secret adds even more tension to a tropical vacation, which all comes to a head when his wife has a curse placed on him.

Once again, Butler does a stupendous job of describing the physical act of transformation. Never mind passing out and waking up a new woman, Steve feels his body reshaping itself from the inside out, a process that's entirely creepy and unsettling . . . yet strangely attractive. It's a long process, with tons of little details that really make it seem real. Even once it's complete, he struggles with his new body, finding his new hips and breasts throwing off his center of gravity. As horrified and guilty as his wife feels, of course, he loves it - and determines to make the most of what little time he has, while she races off to find a cure.

If you're a fan of detailed transformations and gleeful sexual exploration, then Voodoo Doll is well worth a read. As much fun as it is to read of men being 'forced' to explore their feminine side, having that curse be a dream come true makes for a refreshing take on the genre.

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