Saturday, August 15, 2015

Camp Futa by Lyka Bloom

Lyka Bloom is always a great read, and Camp Futa is no exception. Technically, it should be called Camp Shemale or Camp Sissy, since these lucky prisoners are feminized beauties who are left with a dangling reminder of their manhood, not the traditional dual-gendered hermaphrodite of Japanese hentai, but that's a minor quibble.

We begin with a sympathetic introduction to Carl, one that makes us understand that he's more a victim of circumstance than a real criminal. Sure, he's made some bad choices, but he never set out to harm anyone, and that's important. Presumably, it's that low-risk sort of mentality that results in Tonya Crane selecting him as one of her "very special candidates." With no idea what's in store, Carl and 5 other inmates are put on a bus and driven deep into the woods, to a remote, run down camp where their lives are to be transformed.

To say that these men are slowly, seductively transformed into big busted shemales and sexually submissive sissies  is no spoiler, especially to fans of Lyka's work, but (as always) it's the how and the why that make the story so compelling. The transformations here are slow and subtle, operating on a physical, intellectual, and emotional level. Even knowing what to expect, there's still a delicious sense of mystery to the story, and the final climactic reveals are so much fun. As it turns out, the inmates are just trading one sentence for another, but there's no doubt their new lives will be much more enjoyable that what awaited them behind bars.

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