Monday, August 10, 2015

College Girl Discipline by Paul Zante

My goodness, so many fantasies all wrapped up in one delicious scenario! College Girl Discipline is a bit of a dream come true as Paul Zante introduces us to a happily married couple who have decided to experiment a little to keep their relationship fresh.

I love how Zante opens with a tease, introducing us to Shannon and Greg, suggesting there's something sexy and exciting on the horizon, but delaying the gratification until we're at their Mistress' front door, ready to play. Greg's feminization is very well done, with just enough detail to satisfy the most ardent fetishist, but not so much that it loses its realism.

The school fantasy that follows is hotter and far more involved than I could have imagined, and I absolutely love that Shannon gets dominated right alongside Greg. It's odd to find a book that appeals as much to lezdom as femdom enthusiasts, but this is quite delightful. In fact, the climax is entirely suitable to the story, and reveals just what I suspected (and hoped for) in Sierra, the Mistress' french maid.

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