Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Crime and Punishment Collection by Kylie Gable

As you might guess from the title, The Crime and Punishment Collection brings together three of Kylie Gable’s sexiest tales dealing with sissies who have sinned and who deserve to be punished. These are some of her darker, edgier tales, but they’re also some of her most robust.

With Trial of a Feminizer, Kylie has done something really unique, slipping themes of female domination and forced feminization into a largely traditional courtroom drama. All forced feminization fantasies walk a fine line between criminal and kinky, but here we really get to explore whether the end really does justify the means. There’s some real conflict between Ava and her lawyer, and it’s delightful to watch as Michelle ultimately betrays him kinky urges before the jury. It’s a unique twist on the genre that really works, and which might even get a few new fans curious about the feel of lace panties and a leather leash.

Sissy In-Law is a bit more of a traditional tale, involving a cheating husband, his furious sister-in-law, and an embarrassing past that comes back to haunt him. Like so many of Kylie’s stories, the focus here is primarily on intense embarrassment and public humiliation. Most of the story centers around a shopping trip that sees Ryan measured, fitted, dressed, and manicured, all while his sister-in-law happily explains precisely why he’s going along with it. The attention to detail is lovely, the emotional element is so very well done, and the climax is satisfying on multiple levels.

Finally, in It's Nothing Personal we find a darker, crueler tale that begins with a violent (but erotic) kidnapping that sees Lyle subdued by a vodka-soaked tampon plugging one hole, and silenced by a rubber penis gag plugging the other. The feminization here is quick and intense, including a depilatory shower, silicone C-cup breasts, a silicone vagina, cosmetics, fingernails, and (of course) lingerie. The punishment aspect of the story is often dark and violent, but we slowly come to understand that he deserves every moment of it. Of all the characters Kylie has ever written, however, I think Lyle plays (and, more importantly, talks) the sissy better than any other.

All-in-all, a fantastic collection that’s perfect for new readers who are curious about Kylie’s work. It incorporates most of her key themes, and does so with tight, carefully plotted stories that are well-written, engaging, and (of course) sexy.

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