Saturday, September 12, 2015

Memoirs of a Feminized Slave: Complete by Alyssa Paige

I really have to hand it to Alyssa Paige - with its heavy emphasis on humiliation, I wasn't so sure I would enjoy Memoirs of a Feminized Slave, but she not only won me over, she seduced me into enjoying it. This is not a story of cruel Mistress forcing humiliation on an unwilling submissive, but one of a caring Mistress providing her very willing submissive with precisely the humiliation he craves.

Martin is a would-be-sissy who sacrifices everything - his job, his home, his car, his freedom - to be owned by Victoria Foss, and to serve at her mansion. He confesses his deepest, darkest fantasies to her, and she delights in making them come true. I loved how Martin fought against the fulfillment of his own fantasies, doubting whether he could go so far, and ultimately finding a shameful joy in his tears. Similarly, I thoroughly enjoyed the complete and total emasculation of Martin, a process that contains elements of forced feminization, but which is something deeper, and more emotional.

Sadly, I cannot gush at length about my favorite scenes, as that would be to give too much away, and to spoil the fun for new readers. All I will say is that the final breaking of Martin, and the ultimate discovery of just how far he can be pushed beyond what he thought were his limits, is some of the hottest work I have read in a very long time.

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