Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Roommate's Delight by JC Winchester

Some stories take their time teasing the reader, while others just dive right in. Roommate's Delight is one of the latter. JC Winchester opens his tale with Kylie's surprise discovery of her transsexual roommate, a moment of honest shock on her part and even more honest defensive anger from Dakota.

Despite Dakota's fears of being outed and ousted from the college dorms, Kylie is mature enough to let their emotions subside and discuss the matter later. When they do - fueled with more than just a little alcohol - we learn just how tenuous Dakota's position is, and just how little she has indulged her own femininity.

To say that conversation leads to more is hardly a spoiler, or there wouldn't be a story here. What's wonderful about the story is the way that relationship develops, moving from drunken exploration, to curiosity, to drunken reciprocation, and to something approaching romance. It's a realistic story, and one that deals sympathetically with transgender issues, further distinguished by some genuinely touching erotic moments.

Roommate's Delight is just that - a delight.

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