Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sissy Erotica Collection: Part 4 by Paul Zante

I’ve had the great pleasure of reviewing a number of Paul Zante’s stories over the past year, but this is the first time I’ve been able to binge on them. His fourth Sissy Erotica Collection contains 6 stories, offering up a diverse batch of forced feminization, sissification, crossdressing, female domination, and forced bisexuality.

Sissy Dreams:  A Prissy Sissy Dream was a delightful opening, introducing us to the sissies of F.I.S.T. (the Female Institute for Societal Transformation). The boys here are contented little sissies who take great pride in their femininity, and I loved the twist that had them longing for a man to rescue them from the “tough life” of pleasing their female superiors.

Mistress Dyke’s Fembot Factory is a story I’ve enjoyed before, but it’s just as clever the second time around. The forced feminization of selfish, arrogant men is always a pleasure, but the transformation into a sophisticated sex robot is a very nice twist.

Office Sissy: The Form & Office Sissy: Personal Assistant are two halves of the same story, although it feels like there’s something missing in between. The first story is cute and sexy, but Steven is far too innocent and gullible for a grown man. His forced feminization to satisfy HR is incredibly erotic, but he behaves more like a teenage virgin than a grown man with a wife at home. I had a really hard time buying into his mindless obedience. The second story is much more what you’d expect from the scenario, exploring his new role as Mandy’s personal assistant, but it does nothing to explain the abrupt shift in tone and behavior.

Sissy Dreams: The New Maid is another fantastic tale, one that explores an opportunity I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about at one point. When a sissy loses his job, he’s offered the chance to interview with a rich Mistress for the positon of her new sissy French maid. It’s a fun story, taking us through three different fantasies/fetishes, as Maid Alisha is tested and teased.

Hazed by the Cheerleader Brat was a more traditional forced feminization tale, this time involving a young man, his sister, and her cheerleader friends. There’s a lot of humiliation to this one, including a truly perverse new cheer, and a rather unique form of penetration.

If you’ve never experienced Paul Zante before, then Sissy Erotica Collection is a great place to begin.

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