Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Shaming of Kyle Parts 1-3 by Alyssa Paige

What do you get when you cross a wet dream with a nightmare? I'm sure that answer is slightly different for each of us, but there's no doubt that The Shaming of Kyle Parts 1-3 captures some common themes pretty effectively. Alyssa Paige walks a fine line here between terror and titillation as we watch Kyle get trapped in an unfortunate situation that is intellectually appalling, but physically appealing.

It all begins when a strange woman invites him back to her place for a little kinky fun. A little bondage and sensual teasing leads to a few embarrassing confessions, at which point Brooke introduces a little punishment and blackmail. What makes Kyle's torment so deliciously effective is the way Mistress Brooke keeps pushing him farther, revealing additional details of her scheme with each new height of shameful pleasure. By the time he completely understands his situation, he's thrusting back against her strap-on and enjoying his own submission.

I don't want to tease too much of the plot, but what we have here is really two stories intertwined, and I love the way they feed off each other. On one level, this is a basic revenge/punishment fantasy, with one of Kyle's coworker wanting him brought down a few pegs so she can claim the promotion he has lined up. Lana isn't really an active participant in his submission (at least not in the first 3 chapters), but she is the cause of Kyle's torment. On the other level, this is an intense emasculation/feminization fantasy, with Mistress Brooke technically working for Lana, but doing what she does because she enjoys it.

Throughout, Kyle moans,complains, blushes, and even cries . . . but he comes to enjoy it, to crave that feeling of submission, and to look forward to what his next session might bring. It's a very well crafted story that really gets us inside Kyle's head, allowing us to experience his erotic dilemma. Well worth the read for any fan of female domination, forced feminization, and erotic BDSM.

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