Thursday, October 8, 2015

Corporate Takeover: Brothers to Sisters by Lyka Bloom

What always distinguishes Lyka Bloom's fiction is the way she puts us inside her character's heads. There is a sympathetic sort of connection that she builds, bonding reader to character in such a way that we truly come to understand what it is like to struggle with the kinds of transformations she does so very, very well.

Corporate Takeover: Brothers to Sisters is a perfect example. She begins by introducing a pair of brothers, and manages to successfully elicit our disgust in just a few pages. While they each have their own personality, both are arrogant, alpha-types who feel no guilt or shame over cheating on their wives. When we discover that their wives are ready to exact their revenge, we are completely on board with the plans, because these boys deserve it.

What makes the revenge scheme work is two things. First of all, the wives have very different ideas of what their perfect revenge entails, and very different ideas about what kind of life the boys should be left with. While the loving, hesitant remorse exhibited by Track's wife ensures we are fully behind her, the depths of cruelty and perversion behind Randy's wife scheme actually shifts our sympathies a bit.

Second of all, the boys have very different reactions to their revenge, and watching them struggle through the experience softens our earlier disgust. There is no doubt that Randy's revenge is fitting - in a poetic justice sort of way - and watching him struggle through bimbofication is actually quite arousing. At the same, we cannot help but feel that Track is getting off a bit too easy, but we still sympathize with the new found innocence with which he so sweetly struggles.

Once again, Lyka Bloom engages our hearts, our minds, and our unmentionables in a well-thought out story that delivers a transformation for fans of both ends of the erotic TG spectrum.

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