Friday, October 9, 2015

French Exchange by Kylie Gable

My goodness, does Kylie Gable know how to spin a tale of female domination, forced feminization, and absolute humiliation. There's no doubt that French Exchange is a rather cruel story, but it's also a very erotic one, despite the fact that there's nothing sexual about it until the last few chapters.

Poor Luke is not a bad guy, but his family's new french exchange student begins working her devious ways on him from day one. By the time school even begins, he's been locked out of his own account, had all his school correspondence diverted, and is trapped in a semester of advanced French, dance, sewing, women's studies, and more. Not only that, but his once chance at fixing things is derailed by Helene giving him a rather radiant gel manicure/pedicure, accidentally washing all his socks pink, convincing him that boy cut panties are what all the boys wear back in France, and sticking him with a too-tight t-shirt with 'coquette' emblazoned across the front.

If it wasn't for the rather sharp cruelty of Helene, this would be a rather funny book. It's like one of those screwball comedies where everything that can go wrong does. Over time, Luke actually begins to get quite the reputation around school, assisted (of course) by subtle hints and deceptions shared by Helene. You feel bad for the poor guy, especially since he's so innocent, so naive, and helpless to make it stop. By the time Helene reveals her scheme and steps things up, making him her sissy slave, it's far too late to turn back.

Lovers of forced feminization and humiliation will wish they had a French Exchange student of their own, and even those who prefer to shy away from such cruelties will warm up to Luke's ultimate fate. Sexy, clever, and lovingly detailed, this is a fantastic read.

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