Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Made Maidenly: Halloween French Maid Sissy by Claire Bear & Courtney Captisa

When it comes walking that fine line between suggestively risque and erotically explicit, there are few authors with a stronger grasp on the story than Claire Bear and Courtney Captisa. While they lean a bit more towards the erotic side with Made Maidenly: Halloween French Maid Sissy, making it one of their most daring tales to date, they still stop just shy of revealing all.

There is a very good reason that Halloween is the official crossdresser holiday, loved as much by those who crave that one day of social acceptance as it is by those who desire to take advantage of that craving. There is a little bit of both here, with Ross reluctantly allowing his neighbor to feminize him, and with Abby . . . well, taking a little more delight in his humiliation than might be expected. The scenes of feminization are well done (as always), especially with Ross being forced to publicly model some of the sluttier costumes available.

It is at Zara's party, however, where Claire & Courtney really get a chance to show their stuff. There's some nice exhibitionism here, even more humiliation, and a friendship that hides the eventual threat of exposure. The story does take a twist in the latter half, going to a darker place than to which fans might be accustomed, but I loved the way all the themes came together.

Depending on who you are, Made Maidenly can be a nightmare or a dream come true, but regardless it is a fun story that is perfect for the season.

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