Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Slave Life: Part I – Training by Alyssa Von Synn

One of the most effective narrative techniques in erotic fiction is to open up with the good stuff, to show us the end-result of a slave’s training, and then to take the reader back to the beginning of the journey. Rather than ruin the surprise, it provides a sort of promise that all of our wildest fantasies will be realized.

With Slave Life: Part I, Alyssa Von Synn puts that technique to good use. She moves the story backwards and forwards in time, contrasting the fall of an ordinary man who robs banks for a living, with the rise of a transsexual slave who services men for a living. Part of what makes it most effective is the way she uses a first-person narrator to drive home that contrast, with Nico referring to himself as one of the girls. In fact, for at least the first few chapters, we are left wondering just how much of a girl he has really become.

The opening chapter on blowjob training is a fantastic opening, and the story has some definite highlights in the first half, but it is the eighth chapter where the story gets really interesting. It is there that the District Attorney brings up The Project – an attempt to “re-educate non-violent felons and cut down on illegal sex trafficking.” We already know that Nico is a part of it, of course, but it is always exciting to learn how (and why) such a man becomes trapped in such a life. Once we fully understand the situation, the last few chapters take on a whole different feel.

With her first story, Alyssa Von Synn already proves herself to be an accomplished storyteller. She has a perfect sort of narrative flair, knows how to establish a character, and can really make a sex scene work. The final seven words are, perhaps, the most intriguing in the whole story, and I cannot wait to see what Part 2 brings.

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