Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Office Sissy: The Complete Collection by Esther Harshom

The Office Sissy is an interesting change of pace, in that there is no 'before' portion to the humiliation. We never get to see Barbie as a boy, never get to relive her breaking, and never get to witness her descent into bimbo servitude. Instead, Esther Harshom walks us though a day in Barbie's new life, letting us get a feel for what the realization of a forced feminization fantasy is like. There are some hints and revelations along the way that allow the reader to at least imagine what came before, but for Barbie there is no before. It is just too hard for a bimbo slut to think about.

Actually, since Barbie is already The Office Sissy when the story starts, there is no forced feminization to be enjoyed. We do, however, get to experience first-hand what it is like to be a cosmetically augmented sissy slave, brain washed into bimbo servitude, who craves the humiliation of her boss. This is a story that is heavy on the humiliation, including one scene that was just a bit too much for me. Human ashtrays aside, however, I liked the power dynamic here and the mental conditioning of Barbie.

The story comes full circle in the final chapter, when we finally understand who Barbie is - or was - and how she really feels about her life. There are more than a few surprises, a little sex, and a lot of cum along the way, making for a perfect story arc across the three chapters.

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