Sunday, November 29, 2015

From The Edge by Emma Jewkes

Passionate tale.

Gender identity issues are very vexing concerns and those who suffer from them would not wish them on anyone but their worst enemies. I am enthralled by books like this that so passionately and honestly deal with an author's gender transition struggle.

Emma Jewkes in "From The Edge: The Story of a Transition" describes her journey down a road less traveled. I found a certain innocence to this memoir. It was extremely interesting and a real privilege to be able to witness the author's journey gently unfold like the petals of a flower. The author is an excellent writer, who in addition to dealing with intense gender dysphoric feelings, grappled with, and most probably continues to struggle with recurrent bouts of intense depression that frequently rock her world. Author Jewkes overcame quite a bit, but fortunately had a mostly supportive family to see her through her journey.

On the down side, it would appear that most of this book was culled from her internet blog and as such, there is a good deal of repetition afoot. However, in writing about the same topics and areas over and over, the author demonstrated a genuine knack of looking at things through a slightly different lens every time, so to me even the repetition continued to hold my interest. I highly recommend this memoir.

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