Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Full Circle: A Father's Journey With a Transgender Child by Derry & Nicole Rundlett

The family must also transition.

"Full Circle: A Father's Journey With a Transgender Child" by Derry & Nicole Rundlett is a book that freshly reflects our changing times, which (hopefully) presage society's acceptance and eventual embrace of transgender people.

This is a sweet and loving book, told mostly from the father's viewpoint, but with enough of his transitioning daughter's commentary thrown in to flesh it out and make it all the more pertinent. Excellent family pictures, pre and post.

This memoir really hones in on the sadness, anger, grief, denial and eventual loving acceptance, as the author's son gradually becomes his daughter. The only thing that knocks down my rating a tad is that some of the editing is off, with one whole section in the beginning repeating itself and some other small redundancies, but all-in-all, quite excellent and touching.

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