Wednesday, November 25, 2015

He's Krystal Kinsey & Allmyth by Cooper

Fame corrupts…

...and absolute fame corrupts absolutely. Author Cooper has provided us another riveting and sexy book. In "He's Krystal Kinsey," the author presents a story about a guy who will go to any length to achieve fame.  Cooper always seems to pose a philosophical query in his work and in this case he ponders the hypothetical question, "What would you be willing to sacrifice to achieve your fondest dreams?"

By the conclusion, for protagonist Arthur, the question is aptly answered.

Reality is but a collective dream.

In "Allmyth: The only certainty is change" by Cooper, a group of college-age male and female Dungeons and Dragons players find their fantasy game has suddenly taken on a serious tinge of reality. While transformed into opposite gender roles, they vividly take on their new lives and adventures through the filter of changed genders.

As usual, author Cooper provides the reader with clear insights into the roles men and women play in life.

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